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804-252-3976 (nyc local)

Height 5’11”                 Weight 210lbs              Black Hair                    Dark Brown Eyes



The Knick                                    Bar Patron (day player)          Director, Steven Soderbergh

True Crime with Aphrodite Jones    Eric Clark (co-star)                Director, Ann Dean

Black Box                                     Isaiah (featured)                   Director, Bronwen Hughes

Monumental Mysteries                  Sous Chef                              Producer, Eneida DelValle

Restaurant Stakeout                     Customer/Plant                      Food Network



Would You Love Me Tomorrow        Jordan (Lead role)                Director, Ahmad Muhammad

Meet Mario                                   Bug (supporting role)             Director, D.J. Higgins

Final Cut                                      Owen (supporting role)           Director, Joe Reizer

A Moment in My Life                      Lang (supporting role)            Director, Julie Robinson

Addicted                                       Landlord (supporting role)       Director, Jack Seberine

The Factory                                   Derek (supporting role)           Director, Chris Marinaro

Heightened                                    Busboy (supporting role)         Director, Elias Ressegatti



Papa John’s Super Bowl Blitz           Super Bowl partier (principal role)     Director, Glenn Payne

Snippies Commercial                      The Guardian Spokesperson         Director, Jeanne Finnerty

Comedy Central App                         Co-Worker                                    Comedy Central

Zippy Spot                                        Chuck                                            Raizy Pollak



Play the Papers for Lupe                 Miguel (supporting role)               Director, Sarah Rosenberg

Horribly Humorous                         Damon (supporting role)              Director, Bobby Holder 

Christmas Without Him                   Franklin (supporting role)             Director, Charles Keene



Monologue Method                          Bobby Holder                              The Actor’s Project NYC

On-Camera Commercials                 Amy Gossels                               The Network Studios

On-Camera Intensive                      John Pallotta                               Producers Club Theatre

Acting Technique                            John Pallotta                                Producers Club Theatre



*available upon request                     



Tenor Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Commercial Actor (2 National, 1 Local), Improvisation, Basic Spanish, Intermediate Piano, Basketball, Football, Bicycling, Rollerblading, Ice Skating, Rock Climbing, Production & Engineering, Voice Overs (Radio, 3 Local Commercials), Freestyle Dancing, Recording Artist

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