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"Anyone that digs rap at all should drop in for an earful of this artist. Those of you who may not like rap or hip-hop may still appreciate this work. You will not be able to deny the talent or the message."

Utica Music Festival

"Saiah is an artist that will have a wide appeal. His lyrics are solid and he goes hard without being graphic. He talks about drive and focus as a path to success rather than violence or revolution, and his focus is music. His style is a bit laid back, but he flexes his ability to spit quickly across the tracks as well, especially in Turn in Up. You want to lean back in it a bounce a little. Oh yeah, he sings too. Icing on the cake."

SKOPE Magazine

"Isaiah Seward is a young rapper/producer who came up with a new album that offers 14 tracks of honesty. Saiah is his rap alias and he is a 26-year-old man who is extremely driven about what is important to him. REAL issues and REAL lyrics is what Saiah is all about and..."

Neufutur Magazine

"Saiah has been in the rap game in one form or another for about a decade. It has been in the last few years that Saiah’s star has rapidly started to rise, growing from a Richmond attraction to an East Coast phenomenon seemingly overnight. It is on this wave of success that Saiah comes ..."

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